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Web Automation

It was not long ago that the business community embraced computers without the Internet and invested in the benefits they had to offer. In the 70s and 80s millions of corporate dollars were spent writing computer programs that streamlined accounting systems, inventories and almost any manual office process. Today, a lot of businesses still rely heavily on these applications - what we now call legacy applications - to conduct business.

For a time these applications were effective on their own but, since they were built before the advent of the Internet and therefore not web-enabled, are incompatible with our wireless, Internet-driven economy. This can leave many businesses conflicted on how to conduct business competitively on the Internet and still utilize the legacy applications in the process. The solution to this dilemma lies in Web Automation.

Web Automation, simply put, is the process of coupling non web-enabled legacy systems (commonly referred to as back-end) with current web-enabled systems (front-end). In some cases it may mean that the legacy system must be replaced using Internet technology, and in others it is a matter of translating existing data.

RICIS has had substantial experience combining the crucial data stored in legacy applications with the user-oriented features of the Internet. The interfaces we create will provide seamless access from your front-end web system to your back-office accounting, inventory, or other applications.

If you have more questions about web automation and how it could help your business, please contact our staff at (708) 444-2690.

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