Security and Firewalls

Internet security is not an item you can purchase like a lock. It requires thorough planning and implementation. RICIS is uniquely qualified to assist you in assessing, implementing and managing your Internet security and firewall needs.

The Internet is a publicly available resource. You and your customers' data and resources are vulnerable to theft and damage from many sources, both accidental and insidious. In this area, there is no room for error. Purchasing Internet security and firewall technologies is only the beginning. You must also develop enforceable Internet security policies and implement them through these technologies.

Once built, your servers/hosts, infrastructure, Internet security systems, intrusion detection system, and firewalls all require ongoing maintenance, logging, analysis, and auditing to ensure they perform their role as expected and have not been compromised, either accidentally or otherwise, by your employees or by some external 3rd party.

RICIS is dedicated to researching and documenting the latest security threats and maintains cutting-edge security tools, policy guidelines, and best practices.

If you have questions, or are unsure of your exposure to attacks on your system, call us for an on-site assessment. We will thoroughly examine your computing environment and will provide you with a written report detailing your risk of attacks.