Infrastructure & Communications

RICIS has had nearly three decades of experience building local and wide area networks. We are experts with routers, switches, and other infrastructure hardware.

We can plan, install, or extend existing circuits, ranging from 56 Kilobyte through OC-48 fiber optic backbones. Some of our services include:

Dial-up networking services through terminal servers with digital circuits (so that your users get the highest possible connection speeds using 56 Kilobyte dial-up modems or ISDN BRI terminal adapters).

Full support and deployment of wireless solutions including palm top, hand held, or notebook computers. We also have experience with a variety of wireless LAN and WAN technologies.

Partnerships with ISPs world-wide to ensure the best match for your business locations and mobile executive needs. We can build private infrastructures for you or leverage virtual private networks over the Internet to tie your business locations together.