Internet Consulting & Training

As consultants, we can assess your business needs and issues on-site and help design an infrastructure and services that fulfill your business objectives or remedy your problems.

We also offer training courses to get your staff up to speed quickly. We can customize any of our courses. (Custom courses are only cost effective when delivered to larger audiences.) Our courses have been delivered since 1993 in the United States and Europe to Ameritech, Arthur Anderson, Chicago Board of Trade, Interpol, NATO, and many less-familiar organizations. Below is a listing of courses we currently offer:

Internet Basics

A one or two day class offering a comprehensive overview of popular Internet services. This hands-on lab begins with an introduction to the Internet and follows with World Wide Web, Gopher, file Transfer, Telnet, Wide Area Info Search, Electronic Mail and people searching.

Introduction to the Internet

This is a hands-on class intended to give students a detailed understanding of the World Wide Web, Gopher, and various search engines. This class emphasizes finding things on the Internet. Our most popular class with over 400 served.

Creating your business presence on the Internet

This class helps a business executive or project manager understand the capabilities and the limitations of the Internet. It is a step by step guide to create an effective business presence on the Internet.

Supercharging your Internet Toolkit

This class is intended to train individuals, systems administrators, and corporate MIS staff how to install and confiure Internet client software. A rich set of add-in software is installed to assist non-technical users how to find Internet resources effectively.

Internet Security and Firewalls

This class is intended to train individuals on Internet Security and Firewalls. It will develop an awareness of the security risks the Internet presents and help identify security decisions, policies and procedures that organizations must make. By examining popular security and firewall products, students will become familiar with Internet security and firewall terminology and be able to identify the components therein.

Web Authoring

This class is designed to teach individuals how to create and maintain Home Pages using the Hypertext Markup Language. Exercises are given throughout the lecture to ensure understanding. The first day is a general introduction to the creation and management of tables, instruction on creating links between pages, and adding graphic and audio content. The second day will focus on practice and refinement of those skills, in addition to instruction on form design, clickable image maps, and how to plan and manage World Wide Web documents.

Rates for Internet Consulting and Training