Application Service Provider

Application Service Providers represent the latest breakthrough in software technology for businesses of all sizes. By introducing the notion of  "renting" instead of buying software, they have offered a means for businesses to significantly reduce operating costs and increase employee productivity. This is possible because the ASP stores all of the software in central data center, which the client can then access over a wide area network via a web browser. RICIS can host your applications on one of their Windows 2000 advanced server clusters, or we offer access to a number of our own licensed packages.

asp diagram

The terminal server allows a client to connect in using either a terminal server client installed locally on their computer or using the newer terminal server advanced client active-x control. The advantage of the later is that it lets a user navigate to a web page to initially connect to the terminal server.  If the active-x control is not present and local security policy permits it, then the active-x control can be instantly downloaded and installed in a matter of seconds to a minute depending on the speed of the connection.  The terminal server advanced client gives the user a scaleable Windows 2000 desktop literally right inside of their browser. Your applications can be on a shared cluster if they are less secure or on a dedicated cluster just for your company's applications.  As your application requirements grow, or as your number of users grow, the cluster can be scaled to meet your needs. The bandwidth can also grow with you. If you want to use this technology firsthand, you can connect to one of our client ASP sites - - to try some accounting software.  Just call our office and ask for the current guest account password to give it a try.
How can renting be more cost efficient than owning? By using an ASP, you can operate the licensed software of your choice from their remote servers at lower costs than buying the same software for your own. The ASP performs all the maintenance, like upgrades and patches, automatically so you don't have to worry about staying up-to-date. Working with an ASP can also reduce your IT Budget by minimizing (or even eliminating) your need for a System Administrator or expensive hardware.

When you aren't spending the time worrying about budgets, hard drive space, licenses, and software versions you will notice not only that you have the time to focus on your original business plan, but you have also gained the freedom to execute that plan from beyond your office desk. One of the greatest advantages of an ASP is that you simply need a web browser to access your applications. All the resources from your office have suddenly caught up with the rest of your wireless arsenal - you now have the ability to access your office accounting software, contact list, or product inventory from anywhere you have the Internet.