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Programming Resources

Online Education


  • VisiBone has a variety of excellent laminated printed html and web safe color reference products, as well as a number of very useful on-line tools. They even have some nice links to resources to help understand and develop web sites that address the needs of those with color deficient vision.

    The HTML Popup is a tall skinny on-screen quick reference showing all HTML tags and attributes in use or universal. It includes color-coded indications of support by Netscape, Microsoft Internet Explorer and W3C, plus style sheet alternatives, and bug and clash icons with details online.

    The Color Popups show all 216 web-safe colors by decimal value or hexidecimal value in a wheel, the same arrangement as the VisiBone2 swatch libraries shipped in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, BBEdit and The Gimp

Active Server Pages

General Programming

Microsoft SQL Server

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