Pointer   January 4th, 2007 - RICIS, Inc. becomes an Ai Squared reseller.

RICIS, Inc. is now pleased to offer all of the wonderful products made by Ai Squared to assist the visually impaired or as I personally prefer visually challenged. I certainly don't think that my visual impairment has handicapped me in any way. It may slow me down at times and make be a better leader through successful delegation of tasks that exceed my visual dexterity, but by no means has it stopped me in my tracks, as many have allowed it to. I believe it is mind over matter. If you don't mind than it doesn't matter.

ZoomText is a very wonderful product. On my bad days when my eyes are out of focus I use it's text to speech features heavily to read to me what I can't see. On days when my visual cortex is cooperating and not in spasm I greatly enjoy the rich feature set, flexability, and freedom that the ZoomText magnifier offers.

I have struggled with stickers, keyboard overlays, and many promised large print keyboards for the past 30 some years. The Ai Squared folks have made two excellent keyboards. One in high contrast black letters on yellow keys and one with white letters on black keys. I personally have chosen the later. This is both subjective taste as well as objective functionality based on your type of visual impairment.

For those that just need a basic magnifier with out the bells and whistles we also have the BigShot Magnifier. This may be sufficient for those of you that are privilaged to have good eye sight that is just fading a bit with the years.

All of the software products are available with extended support plans and upgrade protection. So you can always have the latest and greatest version with the hot new features that continue to make our lives just a bit easier. Further, if you get stuck there are wonderful support folks here at RICIS, Inc. and at Ai Squared that can help you work through any special needs you might have or new challenges you face.

Pointer   January 1, 2007 - New rate schedule published.

It has been neary 10 years since we have raised our minimum rates. Painfully the cost of doing business in our current economy is more than our current rates can sustain. We had 19 customer bankruptcies in 2006 alone. It seems that everyone is experiencing significantly longer trends in customer payments. We will strive to work with our existing and new customers to contain costs as best we can. Regardless of cost per hour. The bottom line is the overall project cost and value we deliver with our services, highly skilled consultants, as well as breadth and depth of knowledge.

Pointer   January 15, 2003 - Significan changes to site structure and site performance.

Today the new RICIS, Inc. website was unveiled to the public after two days of maintenance and upgrades.

New features that were present with the site include:

  • New images for faster load times.
  • New site layout for improved ease of use.
  • Common includes and style structures for uniform look and feel throughout the site.

Also appearing with the new site is the brand new 'Printer Friendly Version' feature for every page on the site. Users are encouraged to try this feature and report back with their comments to help improve this new feature. As with any piece of software, this feature will remain in the Beta state until it has been proven reliable.

According to the developers, there are many more features that are currently planned for the site. Some of these include:

  • Enhanced Online Library System
  • A Site Searching System
  • Additional tools in the support section
  • Membership area for customer account management