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"A good web strategy requires two things ...
a well formulated plan and top level technical skills."

Established by Gregory D. Rosenberg (Gregg) in 1974 and incorporated in 1987, it has been our mission at RICIS to provide personalized consulting services and to assist our clients in leveraging the latest technologies to achieve their goals. We have strategic business partnerships that provide specific areas of expertise that complement ours. This allows us to stay focused on the larger goals of our clients' projects and still offer comprehensive services to them. We can provide complete consulting and support services to meet all of your Internet, Intranet, and Extranet needs.

We maintain a small staff of 10 to 12 carefully chosen employees who are quick learners, highly motivated self-starters, and dynamic workers. We have built a work environment that encourages continuing education, creative thinking, and technical innovation by giving our employees continuous access to the latest technology. We have a very extensive print and digital library to provide support, development, and training resources for our staff.

Our core focus has always been security; however, we focus heavily on Email, Groupware, and Collaboration technologies, as well as related products such as Anti-Virus, Anti-SPAM, and Anti-Phisping, backup / restore, recovery, and business continuity. We continue to do extensive work in infrastrucutre services, data center automation, and automated system build technologies. Although SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and Red hat Enterprise Linux are our preferred deployment, support, and development platforms, we do also deploy, support and develop for Microsoft WIndows, Apple MAC OS, Apple iPhone, and numerous other fixed and mobile platforms.

We have been telecomutting since 1983 . Our staff has developed significant expertise in delivering secure remote deployment, support, and training. The majority of our employees, contract emplyess, and partners are scattered around the United, tates, Canada, and dozens of other countries around the World..

In 2006 we started to explore elastic computing. We use the cloud ourselves and have many clients and partners using the cloud today. We like Amazon.com's offerings the best. We are still exploring the Microsoft Azure offering and a few others that are not quite ready for prime time.

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Call us toll free at 866-742-4777 or internationally at +1 708-444-2690.
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