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  • We started doing work for Chicago Public Schools in 1993. In 1997 we started to design the vision of their enterprise class Internet service. In 1998 we developed the final design for their enterprise WAN and Internet service and wrote the RFP. We helped select vendors and assist in it's implementation. We designed an infrastructure that initially served about 50K users that was designed to scale to 500K users in over 670 buildings with a core that could scale to OC48.

  • Although Norwood Park School is part of the Chicago Public School District, they have been a client that we have served with our partner Just Network's Inc. since about 1996. We manage their Infrastructure, Internet servers, security, as well as assist them with their technology planning.

  • We helped the Waukegan School District design a wireless WAN to provide connectivity between their schools and provide Internet access. We configured and implemented all infrastructure hardware on the administrative side of the network, as well as worked with Kirtley Technology staff in implementing and Integrating an AS/400, providing Web and other IP based services on their Intranet.
  • One Kids Place (formerly k12.org) was a project we started in 1993 to provide a web based resource for k-12 schools, teachers, parents, and children.

  • School District 152

  • We designed and built the infrastructure to deliver Internet to Thorton Township High School District 205's three high schools. We also built and managed their Intranet / Internet servers and an AS/400 for many years in conjunction with Kirtley Technology. They eventually hired staff and insourced the management to maintain their systems.

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