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  • American Planning Association became our client in 1996. We implemented their Internet infrastructure and all of their Internet & Intranet servers. We developed the original framework for their site and about a dozen highly interactive database driven applications for their site. Examples of this include their book store, AICP Exam Registration, Kids on the Web, jobs on the web, job mart, job market, consultants search.

  • C.O.P.S. Inc. is an organization that was formed in 1999 to foster fellowship between Correctional Officers, Police Officers, and Private Security. We built the site as a secure extranet, because it contains a lot of sensitive information that is not accessible to the general public. Anyone can register on the site, but unless they can be validated as an officer / employee of a bona fide agency, they will not gain access to the site. This site is endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police.

  • Oak Forest United Methodist Church We developed their current site in 1999, it will be getting updated and additional content will be added later this year.

  • Boy Scout Troop 385 RICIS, Inc. sponsors Boy Scout Troop 385 and hosts their web site. We built them a quick and dirty starter site with a full blown membership system. Their users have different security areas to be able to access different secure areas of their site.