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  • We built a financial benchmarking system for A. V. Powell and Associates in partnership with Ziegler Capital Markets.

  • We built and still maintain an extensive Intranet based deal management and bond trading system for Ziegler Capital Markets, a division of B.C. Zielger and Company out of West Bend, Wisconsin. This system integrates data from Bloomberg, their Oracle Financial system, and Pershing, to provide a real-time trade blotter, commission reporting, comprehensive management reporting, revenue and expense analysis, deal projections, and a wealth of other features. If you would like to see this Intranet, we can arrange for a demonstration.

  • While Windows 2000 was in beta in August of 1999 we worked with Leo DeWitt at Moore, Horton, and Carlson PC building and managing a Windows 2000 Terminal Server based accounting system ASP for MHCPC. We moved to the production release of Windows 2000 server in February of 2000. MHCPC's clients use Windows 2000 Terminal Server or Windows 2000 Terminal Server Advanced Client to access MAS 90 / 200 accounting applications, as well as a variety of other accounting tools, report writers, and tax research tools. You can call Leo DeWitt at 573-581-6773 to get a User ID and password and then go to their terminal Server and try it out. RICIS, Inc. manages and maintains the infrastructure for their offices and Internet connectivity, as well as all of their servers. MHCPC provides accountancy services and application support.

  • Dicks Bridge (Deal Flow) This system plays match maker between angels and entrepreneurs. In 1996 We developed the original version of this site. We created several major revisions over the following years. In the year 2000 It was moved onto their servers.

  • We built Gruntal and Company's original web site in 1994 and still assist in caring for it today.

  • We built Chicago Board of Trade's original web site in 1993. It went live in April of 1994. In 1997 we helped transition it in house and trained their staff to manage it.

  • DGHK Broker Services (Now Lake Shore Securities)

  • Merrill Lynch

  • Oppenheimer

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