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RICIS, Inc. has over three decades of experience in computer, infrastructure, and Internet security. To survive today's demanding threat landscape you must adopt a defense in depth strategy. You need an enforceable security policy that management has endorsed coupled with industry best practices, services, and technologies to assure your oganization is in compliance with your security policy.

Cyberoam Silver Partner Logo We are excited to offer the complete line of Cyberoam UTM firewalls, end-point protection, central management, and reporting. Through user identification and access control policies for information security, Cyberoam gateway security appliance enables enterprises to meet regulatory compliance requirements like HIPAA, GLBA, PCI-DSS, SOX, CIPA and more. Further, it helps shorten audit and reporting cycles through instant visibility into “Who is accessing; What” in the enterprise network.

Cyberoam Unified Threat Management appliances offer identity-based comprehensive security to organizations against blended threats - worms, viruses, malware, data loss, identity theft; threats over applications viz. Instant Messengers; threats over secure protocols viz. HTTPS; and more. They also offer wireless security (WLAN) and 3G wireless broadband and analog modem support can be used as either Active or Backup WAN connection for business continuity.

Cyberoam integrates features like stateful inspection firewall, VPN, Gateway Anti-Virus and Anti- Spyware, Gateway Anti-Spam, Intrusion Prevention System, Content & Application Filtering, Data Leakage Prevention, IM Management and Control, Layer 7 visibility, Bandwidth Management, Multiple Link Management, Comprehensive Reporting over a single platform.

Cyberoam has enhanced security by adding an 8th layer (User Identity) to the protocol stack. Advanced inspection provides L8 user-identity and L7 application detail in classifying traffic, enabling Administrators to apply access and bandwidth policies far beyond the controls that traditional UTMs support. It thus offers security to organizations across layer 2 - layer 8, without compromising productivity and connectivity..

Effective July 1st, 2010 McAfee has transitioned all SnapGear UTM Firewall appliances to end-of-life. RICIS, Inc. offers special trad-in pricing for all existing snapGear owner that wish to tra-in and trade-up to a Cberroam.

Backup / Restore & Recovery

Do you need a solution that will reliably and completely backup and restore Novell OES for Linux or Netware. Are you struggling with Symantec, Syncsort, CA, or others that claim they can do the job. We make no unsubstantiated claims our customer success stories speak for themselves. There is no backup / restore, recovery, and business continuity solution for OES other than SEP sesam.

Are you looking for a hetrogeneous enterprise class backup / restore and disaster recovery solution that runs natively on Linux, Novell Netware, Novell Open Enterprise Server, and Microsoft Windows? And whos agents run natively on any conceivable operating system that is likely in use today.

SEP Logo If so you are in luck, SEP sesam has been around since the late 90's. It is the oldest and most comprehensive backup / restore and recovery solution you never heard of that runs natively on Linux and supports a broad array of backup server and backup target client operating systems, as well as just about any database, directory service, and email / groupware / collaboration platform you can name. Even many you can't. Learn more...

Linux Automation and Security

RICIS, Inc. delivers comprehensive professional services for Linux, Including: planning, installation, secure configuration, migration, deployment, training, and support for Novell Open Enterprise Server, Novell / SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server, and RedHat Enterprise Linux. We offer customized automated builds for servers, workstations, point-of-sale devices, or OEM appliances. We can also assist with the planning and deployment of both open source and commercial applications.

Linux Penguin RICIS, Inc. is a Novell Platinum Business & Technology Partner. We were a former SUSE LINUX Partner. We offer a variety of custom Novell / SUSE LINUX training programs.

RICIS, Inc. also offers special pricing for volume purchases for education, non-profit, government, and military agencies on all Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES), Novell SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server (SLES) ,SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop (SLED), Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and numerous other Linux products, as well as on all of our professional services.

We can even walk you through installation, configuration, and deployment of your Novell / SUSE LINUX Enterprise servers or SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktops. We provide both remote installation, support, and training


Cisco Authorized Reseller

RICIS, Inc. has been installing and supporting Cisco powered infrastructures since 1989. Whether you need to build a complex LAN, campus network, secure Internet infrastructure, deploy a wireless, or a private WAN we can help you choose and acquire the right Cisco technologies, get them installed, securely configured, and operational in no time at all.

We offer Cisco PIX firewalls to meet your demanding high security applications. Cisco PIX firewalls hold many security certifications and are Common Criteria EAL 4 certified.



Regulatory Compliant Secure Unified Communications

Our business communications solutions include secure Email, calendaring, groupware, collaboration, instant messaging, fax, voice over IP, and audio / video conferencing. We have best of breed regulatory compliant secure unified communications solutions to meet your most demanding requirements. Our solutions range from single server solutions to meet the needs of the small business, as well as high availability fail over and clustered highly fault tolerant solutions to meet or exceed the most demanding enterprise or carrier requirements for reliability, availablilty, and serviceability.

The Battle is on...

Give your customers the best of breed business communications solution available on the planet today.

CGP Logo CommuniGate Pro provides a full suite of integrated extensible regulatory compliant secure unified communications solutions. CommuniGate Pro holds the world record for scalability and has won more awards than any other messaging solution on the planet today. It is the only tightly integrated application server that provides all IP Communication levels from secure e-mail and calendaring, to instant messaging, VoIP, Conferencing Server and IP PBX, with ease of personal customization through a full development environment. Over 130 million end users including 47 million voice users rely upon CommuniGate Systems products for their day-to-day voice and data communication needs.

Pronto delivers to end users what CommuniGate Pro brings to communications administrators - the most well fastened collection of standards-based communication tools from a single manageable interface. Through this revolutionary flash-based user interface, you can easily check your e-mail and voice messages as well as collaborate with your colleagues via IM, send/receive/play audio and video files keep track of day to day operations with advanced calendaring features, and so much more.

See how CommuniGate Pro and Pronto will revolutionize the way you think about daily communications and collaboration. Sign up for your free Account, then click on the Pronto logo at: cgpdemo.ricis.com. Visit http://www.communigate.com. As a side note we should point out that Pronto has also been built to run on top of the Adobe AIR runtime, allowing it to be installed as a local application, just like Microsoft Outlook. Once again showing Communigate Systems rides the cutting edge.

RICIS, Inc. is a Master Value Added Distributor and Platinum Support Partner for Communigate Systems, Zimbra, Scalix, and Open-Xchange. We also sell and support Novell Groupwise and their Teaming and Collaboration Suite, in addition to Postpath, Gordano, Kerio, Microsoft Exchange, Ipswitch Imail, and numerous other collaboration and communications technologies. Custom development services are available for any of the open source components for any of these platforms.

To become a distributor or reseller of any of these fine products, please Call Bonnie or Gregg today at 866-742-4777 or email us at [email protected]. Let us equip you with the knowledge and tools to empower your customer's organizations.

RICIS, Inc. offers comprehensive Internet and Business Communications technologies to meet the demanding budgets of small businesses, education, and non-profits. as well as proven technologies and well tested solutions to meet the mission critical non-stop requirements of large enterprise, ISPs. Fortune 500, and Global 100 businesses.

Accessibility / Visually Impaired

Gregg Rosenberg's PictureAs the owner of RICIS, Inc. Gregg Rosenberg critically depends on his vision to use his computer and to read an immense amount of literature to stay current in his fields of expertise. He was born legally blind and in May of 2004 has lost most of his remaining vision. To overcome these visual challenges he turned to technology and sought the best of breed in software and hardware technology. These products have worked so well for Gregg, he has decided to offer all of them directly from RICIS, Inc. We now offer Zoomtext, Bigshot, USN, and Zoomtext Scripting Edition, as well as large print keyboards from Ai Squared, as well as Optelec's ClearView+ and other Desktop Video Magnifiers. We are also a Maxiaid reseller and offer their full line of products.

Registrar Services

RICIS, Inc. offers domain name registration, a variety of digital certificate offerings, including extended validation (EV), Organizational Validation (OV), Subject Alternative Name (SAN, Unified Communication (UCC), Application signing, Rapid SSL (inexpensive), and Peronal Digital Certificates (Level 1, 2, or 3). Domain name parking, Secure Backup MX Services, Email and URL forwarding, and a variety of other related services.

If you are looking for a domain name, simply type it in the box below, select the top level domain (TLD) you desire, and click "Submit".



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